Publicity Help

Publicizing your auditions is the surefire way to get people to actually join your group, but the best way to get people to acknowledge your group's existence is to make sure you're at the Student Organization Fair at the beginning of the year. Since most of the student body, and especially first-year students, walk through the Org Fair, you are likely to get recognized. Performing at beginning-of-the-year showcases such as Spotlight and Fall for the Arts will help promote your organization.
  1. Facebook: The primary social media outlet on college campuses, Facebook is fantastic for publicizing your event. Make cover and profile pictures for the event, and get everyone in your group to post them.  Make an event on Facebook, and invite the student body so that the event page will circulate. Post Facebook statuses from the group's page, and encourage people to like and share those statuses. Lastly, consider creating an ad on Facebook for $10-$15 that will show up on the sidebar.
  2. Anchor Link: Not only is it a growing social media outlet here on campus, making events and tracking attendance through them are now required.  Visit your group’s page, create the event, and link it to Facebook. This will need to be done at least 3 days prior to the event so that it can get approved. You can also create news articles highlighting milestones during the semester or upcoming events that will circulate on the Anchor Link homepage.
  3. Posters and Banners: Print posters and post them in academic buildings, residence halls, student centers, and outside on trees. Be sure to follow Vanderbilt’s Post Policy, which can limit the number of posters on one bulletin board or require a stamp from the student center information desk. You can also paint a banner using a standard-sized bed sheet and acrylic paint. Supplies and a projection system are available for you to use in the Anchor. You can hang these on the Rand Wall or in the Commons Atrium.
Unless a member of your organization is skilled in using Photoshop, or a similar design program, you can use ACE Design. ACE Design is a free student-run design group located in the Arts and Campus Event office wing in Sarratt. Visit their Anchor Link page to fill out an application form, and they can create designs, or even a marketing strategy for you.
Campus Copy, located next to Pi and Leaf, is an on-campus printing service. Bring the file to be printed in hard-copy form, on a zip drive, or in an email to Campus Copy can then help you determine the best printing style, paper, and number of copies for you.  Depending on the order size, Campus Copy may take a few days, so use a nearby Kinko’s if you need a printing job done quickly or after business hours.
This varies depending on the event and the amount of publicity you want to do. Cardstock quarter-sheets are perfect for table tents and handouts, while 8.5x11 and 11x17 posters are great for hanging on bulletin boards and on trees. If you want more durable copies than just plain ink on paper, speak with Campus Copy and they can walk you through the process of picking more expensive, yet more durable, paper copies.
There are several local and non-local companies that make and sell custom t-shirts and other custom merchandise that can be used for VPAC events. Dragonfly Screen Graphics is a local company that some VPAC groups have used in the past. Kotis Design, CustomInk, ProGraphics, Greek T-Shirts That Rock, and The Graphic Cow Company are all non-local companies that VPAC groups and Greek organizations have previously used. Some companies will ask that you fill out a Vanderbilt Merchandise Request form. T-shirts and other merchandise often should be ordered at least one month in advance of your event to ensure on-time delivery.
Student organizations can reserve table tents in the Commons Center and Rand Dining Areas to advertise their events. Your VPAC group must make, print, and deliver the table tents yourself. Details on delivery, tent dimensions, scheduling, and other information can be found here. Note that table tents must be delivered to Campus Dining (1110 19th Avenue South) at least one week in advance of their first display. Especially during busy times of the year, it is recommended to deliver them even earlier, as space fills up and table tents are first come, first served.
Student organizations can create and submit digital banners to be displayed on the large TVs in the Sarratt Student Center, Alumni Hall, and the Student Life Center. Information on correctly creating and submitting digital banners can be found here.
This link can be used to submit an event for Weekend@Vandy. This link can also be found at the bottom of any Weekend@Vandy email from Andrea Wall. Note that this must be submitted by Wednesday at 2:00pm before the first weekend of your event.
There are several local websites that will often advertise campus performing arts events. Publications that have advertised VPAC events in the past include,,,,, and It is recommended that you approach these publications well in advance of your event, as their methods for accepting listings differ, and there is no guarantee on how long it may take to get an advertisement submitted and published.
There are several local businesses and restaurants that may allow VPAC groups to display posters or other promotional materials to their patrons. Cafe Coco has allowed VPAC groups to advertise with them in the past, as have several shops and restaurants in Hillsboro Village. The best way to find out about advertising possibilities is to contact local businesses directly.