AcFee Help

AcFee is a portion of the student activity fee allocated by a student committee to fund student organizations on campus.
Any registered student organization that does have dues-exclusive membership can apply for AcFee funding. The student organization must agree to use AcFee funding for the benefit of the student body and cannot use funding for the benefit of membership of the organization.
AcFee funds can be used for any purchases that go towards a service that is available to the entire student body, i.e. performances and programs. The following AcFee requests will not be granted: purchasing alcohol or tobacco, paying student leaders or members of the organization, funds for programs which exclude participation or membership to segments of the Vanderbilt population, using funds for charitable donations, funding that directly maintains or establishes a reserve, and using funds to sustain and/or benefit only the membership of the organization.
AcFee applications are completed once a year, in the spring. Informative meetings for the Arts subcommittee will be held in early February, with the first round of applications due in late February.
Each organization must complete an online application and an interview with their respective subcommittee. The AcFee committee will consider your proposal and the changing needs of your organization to adjust your allocation every year. They will also consider any reserve funds and the need for long-term purchases.
Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG) offers general-purpose funding you can apply for on an individual basis. See the VSG website for more information. Several organizations also offer monthly co-sponsorships that your organization can apply for.